About The Hub City Project



The ambiguous town in between the rural idyll of the twin cities in the north and the cultured chic of Victoria on the south tip of the Island. A town loved by development contractors, frowned upon by overachieving hipsters, frenetically photographed by cruise ship dwellers, and casually ignored by the big city boys across the Strait. A town with some sort of a coal mining heritage, a fun and filthy downtown, many sterile subdivisions spread over miles of violated land, and a strong sense of hard working to remain a community.


These are but a few pieces of the cracked kaleidoscope through which you can look at Nanaimo. Some people prefer to see a dull place where the city planner gave up halfway through, while others notice the potential for a glorious and inspiring future.


The purpose of this audio and photo documentary is to ask these people—residents, long-term visitors, students, and commuters—about their view of this town, to collect the pieces of the broken kaleidoscope, and, through the individual personal profiles, to see Nanaimo in its essence.




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